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Hyun Bin for High Cut Magazine Vol. 124

Anonymous asked:
omg thank you so much for my sassy girl gifs! i love your works so much. i hope you'll post more kmovie stuffs hehe :D

Thank you! I’ll try. : )

"Honestly, you’re scared to death". 

Anonymous asked:
what's gapdong like? is it really scary because i was considering watching it but i'm not sure yet

I (personally) didn’t find it scary. Actually based on teasers/comic, I was expecting something creepier but they focus more on the invesgation side. Which isn’t bad. I guess Lee Joon’s character is kind of creepy (?) but it won’t prevent you from sleeping. Gap Dong had a solid start with layered characters and an interesting tension between them, I can’t promise it will go like this for 18 more episodes but it deserves a try. And you can still blame me if you’re terrified after watching it.

You’ve never actually forgotten him, have you?

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gap dong  

"Soo Wan, I’m right here. I’m right here in front of you. Soo Wan. Yoon Soo Wan.
Someone that I tear up even thinking about… My first love.”

Anonymous asked:
hello! just wondering where do you get your daily news of kdrama things? :)


  • I get my infos at the source itself aka k-medias. Even if you’re not fluent, sites such as naver, nate or daum are pretty easy to use.
  • If you just want news about a particular actor, bookmark their naver/or nate page. You just have to write/copy-paste the hangul name in the search bar. You can see the latest articles released about him/her. You can do the same with a drama’s name. (Example: Hyun Bin’s Naver page). You can also check their DC galleries/baidu because that’s usually the first place where you’ll find fantaken/rumors, etc. (I listed some of them here).
  • As for pictorials, go to the magazine website. (I also listed most of them here)

This is a non-exhaustive list but I think it’s a good start. Hope it was helpful. : )

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"It’s all for me."