“He’s more reliable than he looks. He has been working for our family as a father figure since our father died. I’m sure he had many awful experiences. But thanks to him, unlike me, my younger sister and brothers turned out great. I left home right away, so I did some stupid things. Sometimes I think that… if I had stayed home with him, my life would have been much better. That’s why I want him… I want my big brother to be happy”.

“Men are always unfair. They knock on the door but never open it. The woman has to unlock it, and gently call them in, ‘I’m here’. Or they’ll pretend to be blind and walk away. Especially a forbidden door”. 


Kang Ha Neul - ize Magazine July Issue ‘14

“Will it be okay if I become your mother?”

“Wait. I’ll go to you”.
Anonymous asked:
I want to watch you're all surrounded, but im kinda unsure to watch it. Hmmm shura i want to ask u what score you give yaas out of ten? Thx shura

If I had to rate You’re all surrounded, I’d probably give it a 6/6.5, which equals to an average/O.K drama for me. I don’t think anyone digged it passionately, including me. It was a drama that flowed quietly, but surely, but a drama that deeply lacked of identity and “biting”. Cases and dynamics-wise, the show didn’t delve deeply enough and remains really superficial, and predictable (they tackled some interesting problematics -transgenders, homosexuality, etc- but like I was saying, they treated it really superficially). It’s mainly the casting that elevates the drama, without them, let’s be honest, it wouldn’t have been the same. And the interactions between them were, for me, the heart of the show. Also, one point for them for having some awesome ladies. That being said, I don’t think YAAS has an interesting marathon nor rewatch value, but at the rate of 2 episodes/per week, it’s still an enjoyable ride

Anonymous asked:
Do you know how many episodes will Fated to Love You will have? is it 16 or 20? :)

Supposedly 20. I’m a little worried because I wanted a tighter format considering the  length was one the biggest problem with the former version. But K-ftly ISN’T TW-ftly (they already proved it more than once), so maybe they’ll manage it better. I don’t think they’ll extend it, even if it does well in Korea and China. At least, I hope not. Dont get me wrong, I’d love spending more time with Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk but not a the cost of a potential really good drama. Anyway, the following drama already finalized its casting and started filming, which is a good sign.

"You must be very surprised".

“The nicer he is to me, the more I worry. The nicer he is to me… and the harder he works for me… the more I worry that I’ll expect too much from him… that I might start to think that he actually likes me… and that I might not be able to let him go… on that day we promised.”