"Sweat, tears and frustration… How much more should I shed?"

"Their faces, clothing and directions… were all opposite of mine. I’d never mixed with students or company employees. I wanted to be one of them so desperately that I couldn’t see the ugly truth. I was still going the different direction. I’m alone here too. Only I didn’t know that truth… when everyone else did".

He said “our kid…”

"During that time, I had no fear. I believed I could achieve anything I desired. […] However, I am now an amazing loser."

"She’s the best intern". 

"I know. What did I do for 26 years?"

"Can you show us a little dance?"

"I’m not too young. I’m not a child. I want to be a woman who can comfort you when you have a hard time and when you’re lonely". 

"My daddy’s strong. He’s really strong! Really strong!"